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Review Date: 03/30/2018 | Author: John S.

Comments: They were terrific, great to work with. Guys were great very friendly, very professional.

Review Date: 02/22/2018 | Author: Nathan I.

Comments: Johnny did a great job. My wife and I would hire him again and probably will as work comes up. He completely redid our kitchen, including knocking out a wall to expand it into what used to be our dinning room. He also redid a hall bath for us. He'll do exactly what you're asking but is not afraid to offer suggestions, which is one biggest asset he has and a reason that we went with him. The kitchen and bathroom both look great. We also did more that we probably would have, for a good reason. If there was something that we thought about doing, he was honest on how big a job it would be or not. Point in case, we added a window which completely made the kitchen. I don't know that we would've done it without him letting us know that it was an easy task with a rough dollar amount to help us decide if we could do it. There were also a few things we didn't do, and for good reason with no regrets. We were never worried about quality of work or disappointed.

Review Date: 07/13/2017 | Author: Karl M.

Comments: Johnny and his crew are great to work with. Knowledgeable about their craft and good communicators. We had a bathroom converted to an ADA compliant bath, and it turned out beautiful. Not only is it efficient, but attractive as well. No problems at all with the renovation. I will definitely use them on my future renovations.

Review Date: 05/02/2017 | Author: Ann L.

Comments: Mr. Gosset tends to detail and communicates well.

Review Date: 03/13/2017 | Author: Karen L.

Comments: I, initially, hired Gossett & Associates, LLC to do a small remodel of my kitchen. I was so impressed with the quality of the work, Johnny's Gossett's team of people, and the reasonable quote, that I had them remodel my master bathroom, as well. Along the way, I added additional projects and made last minute changes, that were handled without issue. The Gossett team did extra items for me for which I was not charged an additonal fee. During these projects, we had a family medical emergency, that required me to stay away from my home. Johnny's team were all so kind and trustworthy, that I had no problem with them in my home. They fed my 2 dogs and cat without being asked and even took my garbage to the street when they noticed that the neighbors had taken theirs out! There were many such acts of kindness shown to my family during this time. A remodel can be a complete hassle, however, the work was so well done and the experience was so positive that I will definitely use them again.

Review Date: 03/02/2017 | Author: Warren G.

Comments: they were on time and the cost was good

Review Date: 12/20/2016 | Author: Greta F.

Comments: As a full-time working single mom, it can be difficult to find contractors you can trust. Fortunately, having had the opportunity to design and custom build my own home in the past, I knew just enough about the process to ask lots of questions. Mr. Gossett was honest and upfront about what he felt could or could not be done, and at what price. Throughout the 3-month renovation process, he was very attentive, responsive and patient with my never ending inquiries. For my 10 year-old, 1600 sf townhome, I had the master bathroom completely remodeled, with new tile, new custom built vanities, and a completely remodeled shower. Every room was repainted. All of the carpet and veneer flooring through out the home was replaced with more modern tile and hardwood floors. I have a very small kitchen. So I asked to have my bar moved out about a foot, and lowered to counter height so the room would be more open, which was not an easy task. As a matter of fact, I had two other contractors tell me it could not be done. But Mr. Gossett found a way, and it looks wonderful. He even suggested replacing the wood paneling underneath the granite to galvanized tin to give it a more rustic and unique look. I was hesitant at first, but it turned out beautiful. I could not be more happy with my new home!! And his subs were wonderful, too.

Review Date: 11/10/2016 | Author: Katie L.

Comments: Me Gossett and his guys were very respectful,easy to work with, got the job done quickly and were the most reasonably priced. I would hire him again for sure!

Review Date: 06/24/2016 | Author: Polly P.

Comments: I contacted Johnny on behalf of my elderly mother. He promised me that he would treat her like his mother. He has kept his word. His whole team have performed their duties with care and respect to her and the property. This project involved the redesign of the entire space. Johnny 's vision has come to life. There is no detail too small. My mother deserves the luxury bathroom she now has. He starts next week on bathroom number two. Johnny and all his crew and sub-contractors are top notch and we would entrust all of them again with our mother's needs.

Review Date: 04/18/2016 | Author: Peggy W.

Comments: These are a fine group of guys. I feel as though we have become friends! Every bit of work was top notch and Johnny always kept me up to date on the schedule and progress. Their work ethics is beyond compare. Would definitely hire them for any future projects.

Review Date: 04/05/2016 | Author: Monica F.

Comments: After hiring various contractors to paint and replace windows with disappointing results, my husband and I always tried to do work around the house ourselves. However, we knew we were over our heads when it came time to update our 1988 home to put it on the market. We hired Gossett & Associates, LLC to totally renovate our master bathroom, paint the all interior walls and trim, replace all carpet, replace windows, replace garage doors and probably a few other items that I have failed to mention. Johnny Gossett did such a good job on the renovations that the house was sold before we could even get it on the market.

Review Date: 04/02/2016 | Author: Melissa A.

Comments: We will never use anyone else. Johnny Gosset is wonderful to work with and always gives you more than you ask for. He listens to what you want and works with you every step. His workers are polite and honest as is Johnny. He started as our contractor and we now consider him a friend.

Review Date: 01/21/2016 | Author: Paul B.

Comments: I can't say enough positive things about Gossett & Associates and Johnny Gossett. From the very first time I met Mr. Gossett, I trusted him, and for good reason. It begins with the type of person Mr. Gossett is. He is knowledgeable, personable, trustworthy, conscientious, fair and reasonable, professional, and courteous, among many other superlatives. His vast experience enabled him to visualize the project, and make suggestions that lead to exactly to what my wife and I were looking for in our basement remodel. A GC is only as good as the subs who work for him, and I must say that Mr. Gossett has some of the finest, most professional, friendly, and hard working folks I've ever had the experience to be around, and being in the electrical construction industry myself as a supplier, I've been around a lot of contractors. Mr. Gossett and all the people who work for and with him are true craftsmen. Not only did our project turn out better than we ever could have imagined, Mr. Gossett and his men worked tirelessly to complete the project in the timeline set forth. Mr. Gossett's experience, imagination, and flexibility enabled him and his men to work around any large or small obstacle that might have baffled others. He is very good at thinking on his feet, and outside the box, and made suggestions along the way actually improved the outcome of the original vision for the project. As far as dependability and service is concerned, Mr. Gossett and his men performed beyond our hopes or expectations. Whatever it took to get the job done, we knew we could count on Mr. Gossett and his men to see it through. Mr. Gossett was very accessible by phone day and nigh, including weekends, and always made sure he stayed in contact with us, whether that was through coming by to check on the project after hours, or calling us. We never had to run him down, or felt like he wasn't there for us when we needed him. In twenty years of owning this home, and having work done by contractors over the years, I would definitely say that Gossett & Associates, Mr. Gossett, and his men are the finest people I've ever dealt with. It is obvious Mr. Gossett and everyone associated with him take a tremendous amount of pride in their work, and they aren't satisfied until you are. Even the small details such as cleaning up at the end of the day come naturally to them. Not only do I recommend Gossett & Associates to others who might need any kind of remodel done at their home or business, I will be sure to call Mr. Gossett the next project we have at our home. I'd give them a 10 rating if it were possible.

Review Date: 01/20/2016 | Author: Kathleen C.

Comments: I cannot say enough good things about this company and the whole remodel process! they were the first to give me a bid and it was the fairest of all. Johnny Gossett stayed in touch with me every step of the way and performed many jobs not strictly associated with the remodel; like changing wiring that was bad from previous owner, labeling my fuse box on fuses that were not labeled, repairing a squirrel hole in my ceiling! they even swept off my deck and basement! Johnny gave me expert advise on best places to look for appliances, light fixtures and more. I never worried about the men being in the house they were so careful and respectful. I never came home to a dirty dusty house!! he has become family and I cant wait to do my next project with his company!

Review Date: 01/14/2016 | Author: John G.

Comments: Finding a trustworthy contractor who consistently provides high quality workmanship at a reasonable price is a formidable and daunting task. This is especially true for those of us who have only a limited knowledge of home construction and renovation. We contracted with Gossett Associates in November 2015 to do a number of remodeling and renovation projects that included roof repair, siding repair, deck repair, exterior carpentry, concrete and brick work, interior flooring, interior dry wall repair/refinishing, interior and exterior window repair and a series of other tasks to replace any dry-rotted wood. During the roof work, they replaced fascia boards, soffits, cornices and other wood trim that showed any weakness or dry rot. They even provided a complete pressure wash cleaning of the entire house exterior as well as the decks. This cleaning included the exterior gutters. The exterior/interior caulking & painting for each project was perfect. We were truly impressed by the quality of work provided. It was apparent from the start that the company’s management takes a great deal of pride in delivering high quality workmanship using an experienced and talented labor force. All of this work was completed on time and within the initial budget established at the beginning. In fact, on their own initiative, they completed several other tasks that were outside the scope of the contract for no additional charges. Their rationale was based on the extra work adding an additional level of quality to the work already completed. Needless to say, we are extremely pleased with the results. Normally we shy away from providing recommendations but in this case we highly recommend this company and their team of professionals. You don’t often find this level of knowledge, experience, honesty and talent in companies specializing in this type of work.

Review Date: 12/10/2015 | Author: Dennis M.

Comments: Johnny and his team did a great job. I have no hesitation in recommending them for any sort of remodeling project.

Review Date: 11/16/2015 | Author: Mike J.

Comments: It doesn't get any better than Gossett & Associates. The bathroom/room remodel went just a described and planned. The subs that were used when appropriate were all professionals and polite. I trust them wholeheartedly in my home with or without me there. Johnny will shoot it to you straight and stand behind his work. True professional.

Review Date: 11/11/2015 | Author: Felicia M.

Comments: Very reliable and dependable. I highly recommend Johnny and his crew.

Review Date: 11/03/2015 | Author: Felicia M.

Comments: Johnny is very responsive, and takes pride in his work. The workers kept the house as clean as possible throughout the process. Quality of the work was excellent. His team has been together for a long time and work well together. I would definitely hire him again.

Review Date: 09/10/2015 | Author: Patty C.

Comments: Johnny is different than other contractors for a few reasons: 1. He communicates. Always called to keep us updated and ALWAYS returned calls. 2. His subs are trustworthy. Never felt concerned about the people in the house when we weren't there. They were nice and did a great job. 3. He really cared about the project and genuinely wanted us to be happy. No project will go exactly as you plan-Johnny corrected any issues that we had (they were all minor). Not only was our bathroom/laundry beautiful, it was done with quality. I found that Johnny is a good person-we will use him again.

Review Date: 08/27/2015 | Author: Donald F.

Comments: Johnny was great to work with on our master bath remodeling project. He had several good ideas for the project and his price was very reasonable. He is extremely quality conscious and went to great lengths to be sure we were satisfied. His sub contractors were great to work with and shared his quality ethic. The job site was cleaned daily by the various crews. The end result exceeds our expectations and we would have no question about hiring him again for future projects.

Review Date: 08/14/2015 | Author: Kevin S.

Comments: Johnny was great to work with. He replaced my deck (which is 15' high on the side of a hill), gutted and remodeled 2 of my bathrooms, and added a 5 piece master bath addition off the back of the house with a patio underneath. I had a very complicated project and Johnny made easy work of it. It took a little longer than I would have liked, but that was due to a tile backorder issue. The quality of work is unmatched. I will use Johnny again.

Review Date: 07/03/2015 | Author: Katerina C.

Comments: Johnny and his team did a fantastic job remodeling our two bathrooms. It was obvious from day one that Johnny really cares about his customers, and he went out of his way to make sure everything was to our liking. Our bathrooms both look unbelievable. We would definitely hire Johnny for any project again.

Review Date: 06/15/2015 | Author: Janna R.

Comments: This was a back porch extension & screen in, including extending the roof. The quality of work is top notch, it looks like it was part of the original construction. Mr. Gossett is easy to work with, always courteous & genuinely concerned that the best quality results are achieved. The work area was kept neat & debris removed very timely. I have already made recommendation to friends & family!

Review Date: 05/29/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Very reasonable prices and did everything asked. Bathroom looks fantastic! Left the job site cleaned and picked up. Bathroom looks better than expected! Showroom finish done on shower and all fixtures. professional and curtious service. Any discrepencies were cured immediately.

Review Date: 04/13/2015 | Author: Joyce zeitz Z.

Comments: I cannot rave enough about the quality of the work and service from this company. It was an absolute joy to work with Johnny. He delivers what he says he will in a timely manner. I started with an idea in my head and Johnny and his crew made it a reality. My kitchen was gutted and totally renovated without a moment of stress on my part. I knew I could trust him in every way. He went above and beyond in every respect. I would never work with anyone else. He gets my highest recommendation.

Review Date: 03/28/2015 | Author: David C.

Comments: Johnny Gossett was a pleasure to work with. He provided quality workmanship at a reasonable price. He always kept us informed about the progress of the work, and he was very attentive to our requests. The kitchen turned out to be all that we had hoped for.

Review Date: 03/26/2015 | Author: Sherrill B.

Comments: I hired this company to add on screened porch to existing deck. Replaced windows with double french doors off kitchen. We love it! Would highly recommend this company for any home remodeling or home projects. Will use them again.

Review Date: 03/15/2015 | Author: Shirley W.

Comments: I have spent the past 5 months working with Gossett & Associates and now have a house originally built in 1983 that is completely updated and enhanced. Since I have had unsatisfactory experiences with contractors in the past, I started slowly with bathroom remodels. His quote was very reasonable, and we began a project that just kept growing. The things that impressed me most were that Johnny called every time he had a subcontractor coming to the house to let me know and his subs were all people he has worked with for 10-15 years. He knows their skills and uses them wisely. In addition to calling prior to them coming, he came to the house after each one of them to check the work and make sure I was satisfied. I was impressed with the level of expertise of his subs, from roofing to painting and everything in between. Johnny always has good ideas, often money saving ideas. My favorite job was the kennel he built under my sun porch, complete with an AC/heating unit where my German Shepherds can be cool or warm or dry when I'm gone for the day. Johnny Gossett is a good contractor and a good person--a rare find.

Review Date: 02/23/2015 | Author: Terry S.

Comments: It was a pleasure to work with Johnny Gossett and his associates while remodeling our bathroom. The bathroom turned out beautifully. They did a great job, and were helpful to us to make choices such as colors and products for the bath. We definitely plan to call on them for future plans, and will recommend them to others.

Review Date: 12/19/2014 | Author: Rosemary S.

Comments: I would use them again.

Review Date: 11/02/2014 | Author: Myra F.

Comments: Johnny and his associates were craftsmen who took pride in their work - a relief to someone who had no idea what she wanted. They were patient and provided guidance and where to shop and what to look for. The hodge-podge way I put together the images from various web sites turned into a dream bath in the hands of these skilled craftsmen. I am very pleased with the outcome, and even more tickled that my ideas have spread to other projects he's working on! I look forward to working with them again.

Review Date: 09/29/2014 | Author: Frank E.

Comments: Once started, workers were efficient, knowledgeable, hard working, & did a BEAUTIFUL, great job in 1 week to completely remodel a full bath and a half bath. They came early, stayed late, even on Sun. We'll consider Johnny for future work. Only problem was getting to starting point. We made 1st contact end of July from HomeAdvisor listing. We signed contract Aug. 18, work started 9/19. Johnny wanted to get all materials in place before start, as we have only 1 tub/shower. It took awhile for all that to happen. I felt a bit pushed toward higher-end products, but we worked that out.

Review Date: 09/12/2014 | Author: Kaye G.

Comments: We were very pleased with the work Johnny Gossett and his crew did on remodeling our bathroom. It was even better than we expected. Everyone was very knowledgeable and did a great job. I would definitely use them again.

Review Date: 01/03/2014 | Author: Iris L.

Comments: very rewarding

Review Date: 11/16/2013 | Author: William G.

Comments: Johnny Gossett provided excellent, detailed estimate. Price was good. Allowances clearly spelled out. Estimate was provided promptly. Job started promptly. Contractor provided excellent project status reports frequently. Workers were very professional and cooperative. Daily cleanup was excellent. Contractor provided excellent guidance on fixture selections. Final projected was completed in a timely manner and looks beautiful. I highly recommend.

Review Date: 10/05/2013 | Author: Frank P.

Comments: The project was a remodel of our master bath and overall the experience was very, very good. The completed project meets our high expectations and is gorgeous. Johnny's personal relationships with granite, cabinet, tile, and shower door contractors certainly delivered higher value compared to other bidders and a quality finished product. There were some quality issues as the project progressed but they were worked through without argument and to our satisfaction. We stayed within budget with the only cost increases being our choices for materials vs. bid allowances. Highly recommended!!

Review Date: 04/10/2017 | Author: Len H.

Comments: Johnny and everybody on his team were very professional and easy to work with. They are a great group of guys. We added a kithenette, bedroom, bathroom, computer room and great room to our basement. He delivered everything we asked and within the time frame and within the budget he quoted us. Johnny is a master at managing a remodel project and keeping it moving. He far exceeded our expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend him and in fact, I already have. Call Johnny if you want it done right the first time. Just unbelievable work and I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks Johnny!

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